The Community Climate Bunting

Dunkeld and Birnam – Community Climate Bunting 

The Community bunting displayed in Birnam Arts today was created in 2015 by individuals and groups across the community from age 2 to age 105. 

Posters and invites were put out around the community to ask folk if they would like to be involved, and design a flag showing what they love and why they want action on climate change. A few public sessions were arranged in community spaces or at community events.

The Community Bunting that you see hung in Birnam Arts today is now about 100 metres long. It shows what people love and care for, and why they want action on climate change. It was hung in Birnam Arts in September 2015, and taken down after the Community Ceilidh to begin it’s journey.

The Bunting went to the Peoples’ Climate Rally in Edinburgh that is celebrating Community Action on Climate Change. Our Live Earth Ambassador, Ruby told our story there.

It went to Paris for the international negotiations on climate change in December 2015, was displayed through Dunkeld & Birnam Unplugged (2016) and at The Royal School of Dunkeld’s Royal Garden Party, June 2017.

See the Community Bunting’s journey at Live Earth Birnam on Facebook or on the local Climate Cafe twitter feed @Climate_Cafe or @BirnamArts

We would encourage you to take pictures and tweet, instagram #ActonClimate or #fortheloveof or share on facebook.

Thank you for your interest, participation and support in making the Dunkeld and Birnam Community Climate Bunting.

Where else do you think it should go?

Let us know @Climate_Cafe


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